Hey there, it‘s Adeline

I am a yoga and meditation teacher working internationally.

My journey at the junction of body and inside world started with dance. At the age of 16 I started teaching jazz dance, aerobics and hip hop followed by teaching Tango Argentino in Berlin’s 3 most renowned studios Mala Junta, TTMS and Nou.

I graduated as dance pedagogue, and my journey led me to tour internationally for many years. I got the opportunity to teach at countless festivals, workshop weekenders, teacher trainings as well as in institutions like Yale, Stanford and Princeton world wide.

My passion to facilitate inner liberation and empowerment through the potential of the wisdom of the body and its connections to the interior world, caused also a special calling to empower women and stand for equal rights, This motivated me to do a Masters in Gender Studies and Pedagogy at Humboldt University Berlin. The same motivation also inspired me to complete the ‚Practice group leader training‘ at the ‚Academy for Inner Science‘, where I improved my skills in facilitating empowerment and using the potential of groups.

Equipped with these interests and skills, discovering the ashtanga vinyasa yoga system in India was like finding my home base. I found a method that became an ongoing, life changing experience, and lead to a daily asana & meditation practice, lots of yoga philosophy and several yoga teacher trainings. Over the years I specialized in yin, ashtanga and vinyasa flow. Bringing these different experiences and skill sets together I create a unique Yoga experience for my students, focusing on the liberation of the body and the inner world.

Today I am a deeply dedicated yoga and meditation teacher, holding retreats, trainings and workshops worldwide. See my international teaching experience here: touring schedule.

Certs & Education

• 2022 Creative sequencing „Yoga waves flow“ – 20h (Zanziyoga, Zanzibar)

• 2021 Practice Group Leader Training (Academy Of Inner Science)
• 2017 Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 100h (WithYinYoga, Bali)
• 2016 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – 200h (All Yoga, Koh Phangan) *Yoga Alliance certified*
• 2016 Adjustment course – 50h (All Yoga, Koh Phangan)
• 2006 Certified Dance Teacher – 1 year program (LTTB, Berlin)
• 2006 Master in Gender Studies & Master in Educational Science (Humboldt University, Berlin)
• 1999 Judicial Secretary (Court, Stuttgart)

Deep gratitude to my teachers

Balu Thevar | Ajay Tokas | Carla & Matthew Vollmer | Carola della Croce & Matias de Biedma | Suveer Balvi | Ty Landrum | Andrea Drottholm & Damien de Bastier | Vari Morales | Marcela Mota | Laruga Glaser | Murielle Burellier & Sebastian Pucelle | and many more for shorter encounters.